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All the teaching staff at Meon Junior School are working with Meon Infant and Moorings Way Infant School colleagues to identify how our curriculum will meet the needs of our children across the three schools.

We believe it is important to plan the learning journey of the children from Year R to Year 6. Even though we are a Junior School, this does not stop us using what the children have already learnt before they leave Infant School. This is vitally important. As three schools, we have worked together to produce a joint intention of what we want the children to learn. Our joint subject teams produced the following statements in September 2019:

Our History Learning

Curriculum Intent

By the end of Year 2

By the end of Year 2 our historians will have developed an awareness, interest and appreciation for events of the past with a recognition of how things have changed within a chronological framework.  They will be armed with the skills and language to identify, interpret and evaluate similarities and differences in times and clues left behind.  They will have discovered significant historical places, events and people of Portsmouth through a range of hands on experiences to help them find their place in the world.

By the end of Year 6

By the end of Year 6, our historians will have built their prior knowledge, awareness, interest and appreciation of historical events of the wider world.  They will have studied periods of British, local and world history through a range of real-life experiences and exploration of sources to strengthen and deepen their understanding.  They can confidently make connections, contrasts and recognise trends over time using historical terms to help them find their place in the world.

Subject Rationale

History Rationale


Curriculum Map of Humanities subjects across Meon Junior

Humanities Curriculum Map


Progression in History

As the children move through the school, they will build on subject knowledge whilst developing their skills as a historian. Click below to see the progression of History through Meon Junior School…

Progression Document 2020-21


Knowledge Organisers

These show the key pieces of knowledge that the children will be learning throughout the term. We use lots of retrieval strategies throughout the lessons and at the end of the unit the children will be completing a multiple choice assessment and writing an essay to share everything they have learned over the unit.

Click here to see our History Knowledge Organisers for our Autumn 1 Learning…

Year 3 Prehistoric Britain Knowledge Organiser

Year 4 Romans Knowledge Organiser

Year 5 Benin Kingdom Knowledge Organiser

Year 6 Industrial Revolution Knowledge Organiser


Click here to see our History Knowledge Organisers for our Autumn 2 Learning…

Year 6 Civil Rights Knowledge Organiser