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All the teaching staff at Meon Junior School are working with Meon Infant and Moorings Way Infant School colleagues to identify how our curriculum will meet the needs of our children across the three schools.

We believe it is important to plan the learning journey of the children from Year R to Year 6. Even though we are a Junior School, this does not stop us using what the children have already learnt before they leave Infant School. This is vitally important. As three schools, we have worked together to produce a joint intention of what we want the children to learn. Our joint subject teams produced the following statements in September 2019:


Learning in French

End of Year 2

By the time our children leave our school at the end of Year 2, they will have learnt to speak, read and write simple French vocabulary.  They will be able to introduce themselves and talk about colours, numbers and greetings.  They will be able to understand and respond to simple commands.  They will be beginning to see similarities and differences between cultures, helping them to find their place in the world.

End of Year 6

By the time our children leave school in Year 6, they will have learnt to read, write and speak French phrases and sentences.  They will show an understanding of grammatical concepts that will help them to develop their language skills and ability to communicate in French.  Building on their KS2 knowledge, they will be able to discuss more complex topics such as routines, the school day and the weather.  Through this, they will develop thorough understanding and awareness of a different culture, helping them to find their place in the world.


French at Meon Junior.

At Meon Junior, we use ‘Language Angels’ to support our French learning.

The progression document can be found here: Language_Angels _ Progression_Map_2019

Knowledge organisers for Autumn Term  Year 3    J-Apprends Le Francais – Pupil Learning Intention Summary Sheet
Year 4 Je Me Presente – Pupil Vocabulary List Summary Sheet
Year 5 I6 As-Tu Un Animal – Lesson 1 – Pupil Unit Vocabulary Sheet
Year 6 Regular Verbs – Pupil Vocabulary List Summary Sheet




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