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The ‘Numicon’ approach underpins our planning which is a practical, problem solving approach to mathematics that provides concrete apparatus to enable children to visualise numbers and problems before working only with pencil and paper.

Numicon is a multi-sensory maths teaching programme using visual Numicon images in a series of practical teaching activities. The teaching activities allow students to use the Numicon patterns which when arranged in order, allow pupils to begin to notice important connections between numbers, for instance that each number is one more than the last and one fewer than the next, odd and even numbers and place value. Due to Numicon’s strong visual imagery with emphasis on pattern, multi-sensory approach and ‘small steps’ teaching programme it is proving successful for all pupils of all ages with many different special needs including those with language delay, sensory impairment, Down’s Syndrome Association (UK), Dyslexia and autism as well as providing stimulus to stretch and challenge students to reason mathematically.

The New National Curriculum is significantly more challenging than before. Children will need to develop a very sound understanding of their maths to be able to meet these challenges. These need to be taught in an “age appropriate” manner which allow the children to use a series of representations and resources that will be suitable for a developing 5-6 year old brain.

The presentation guide below details how work is to be presented. ( both English and Maths)