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Our aim is to immerse the children in a curriculum that is exciting, creative and relevant. High standards in English, Mathematics, Science and ICT are vital in our school along with a strong emphasis on History, Geography, RE, Physical Education and the arts. Therefore, the teachers at Meon are implementing carefully planned cross-curricular projects for the new academic year. Children will be able to apply the knowledge and skills learned in one subject in a range of contexts which will reinforce their learning and increase their understanding, independence, confidence and love of learning.


In the 21st century, mastery of the basic skills, such as reading, writing and maths is critical, but not enough. We face a tremendous increase of readily available information with new technologies that are constantly changing. To be competitive in the workplace our pupils will need to be:

  • Critical thinkers and problem solvers
  • Communicators and team workers
  • Analysers and designers
  • Innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Confident workers and leaders

Knowing this, we must develop new ways to motivate and teach this generation; our pupils need rich educational opportunities that will equip them to be life-long learners, productive workers and active citizens. No matter the year group or subject area, real world relevance in learning is critical. The experience of thousands of teachers across the world, backed by research, confirms that Project Based Learning helps pupils flourish and progress.  The content is rigorous and the nature of the projects help students develop those skills that they will need to be prepared for the world beyond school. Each project will involve contact with a public audience, stretching beyond the direct school community, as a means of sharing the project outcomes.

In our project based curriculum, pupils are active and take charge of their learning, in group based scenarios.  By making learning relevant to them in this way, pupils see a purpose for mastering National Curriculum skills and content concepts. We look forward to sharing our projects with you.


Pupils at Meon Junior School are flexibly grouped for lessons. This means that all children have the opportunity to access work pitched at an appropriate level of challenge for them and this may change unit to unit based upon their prior knowledge. This means that all pupils are provided with tailored teaching that promotes good progress for all pupils. We also offer several intervention and extension groups for pupils as required (further information can be found on the ‘Additional needs’ link)


At Meon we firmly believe every child should be provided with opportunities to make good progress and achieve their full potential through a range of rich, cross curricular learning experiences. We assess children against the 2014 National Curriculum, tracking them through the school looking at how they measure against the national standards set out in this document. We report this back to parents and carers at key points throughout the year.

Further information

Follow the links on this page to look at further information for each year group, showing current topic maps and more detailed information about the teaching order of maths and English.


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