Learning in Art

All the teaching staff at Meon Junior School are working with Meon Infant and Moorings Way Infant School colleagues to identify how our curriculum will meet the needs of our children across the three schools.

We believe it is important to plan the learning journey of the children from Year R to Year 6. Even though we are a Junior School, this does not stop us using what the children have already learnt before they leave Infant School. This is vitally important. As three schools, we have worked together to produce a joint intention of what we want the children to learn. 

By the end of Year 2

By the time our children leave our school in Year 2, they will have learnt how to use a range of material, mediums and techniques to design, make and develop their idea.  They will be exposed to, and appreciate, a range of artists and artistic approaches and make links to their own work. Appreciating their own and others creativity will help them find their place in the world.


By the end of Year 6

By the time our children leave our school in Year 6, they will have further developed their art, craft and design techniques through creating and experimenting while gaining a greater enthusiasm for the subject. To do this, our children will have created sketch books to improve mastery of Art & DT techniques e.g. drawing and painting and will have experimented with a range of materials for sculpture. Using mediums, materials and different techniques will enhance their knowledge which will help them find their place in the world.

Art rationale for sequencing

Each year group has 3 art topics across the year: a sculpture, a drawing and either a painting/printing unit in order to fairly cover the curriculum objective: To improve their mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture with a range of materials.

Where possible, art units are linked with REACH history or geography topics but most importantly they build on each other and show clear progression through mastering technique ability and understanding of ‘how to’ in art. 

Each year group has 1 or 2 artists linked to their topics so our Meon Art curriculum also teaches about great artists.


Art at Meon