Helping at home

The most successful children know that their family supports them and shows an interest in their day to day school life.

  • Talk to your child about what they are doing at school.
  • Encourage them to find out things for themselves.
  • Read books with your child. Take them to the local library and help them to choose books.
  • Let your child help you in the kitchen and when you are doing other work in the home.
  • Listen to your child. Encourage them to ask questions. If you do not have the answer, why not find out together?

Remember to try to make all learning at home fun – homework (and/or any other learning) should never be a battleground!

In addition to the homework set in class, there are many other ways that you can help and support your child at home. Why not encourage him/her to help you make a shopping list? To weigh ingredients for cooking? To help you with the money when you shop? To write you a reminder note? etc.

There is also a huge variety of resources on line to help you support your child’s learning. Some of the most useful sites are available as links to the left of this page – do take a look and see which work best for your child.




If your child or children are going to be absent from school you will need to call the absence number on  03333602175


Children are ill on occasions and we readily accept that when this is the case being at home is the best place to be. As a school we want all our children to be in good health so they are able to learn happily and confidently when they are here. The traffic light system is a really useful guide to help you to decide when to send your child into school and when to keep them at home. Please report any absence to the school office by 08:50am and follow it up in writing so we can ensure it is recorded correctly in the register. Medical evidence in the form of a medical appointment card/letter is required for absences from school of more than two days.


Ensure your child arrives on time

Registration is at 8.50 am.

Children can feel unsettled and unprepared if they miss the start of the school day with the rest of their class and it is disruptive for everybody when children arrive once the lessons have begun. Give your child the best start to each day by getting them to school on time.


Holidays in term time

For those of you planning holidays for the next academic year, our views follow the Government and PCC guidelines that children should be in school for all sessions so that they can make the most progress. Therefore no holidays in term times will be authorised by the Headteacher unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) may be issued by the Local Authority to parents/carers of children taking unauthorised leave. This will mean a fine of £60 per parent. per child. All monies are paid to the Local Authority, not the school and if not paid within 21 days of the notice being issued a further fine of £60 will be added.


Good attendance

Good attendance (95% or more) gives your child the best chance of success. If your child’s attendance falls below 95% it becomes a concern to the school. Regular lateness and absences will be followed up with formal contact with home.


Communicating with school

At Meon Junior School we highly value good communication avenues with our parents. Therefore we would like to make you aware of the opportunities open to you should you have any concerns concerning your child. If you have a concern about your child, then please firstly speak to their class teacher. In addition, you can also speak to Year leaders. In Year 3 this is Mrs Bitri, in Year 4 this is Miss Duncan, in Year 5 this is Mrs Finch-Judd and in Year 6 it is Mrs Wallace. Should the concern remain unresolved after speaking to the members of staff as stated above, then, please make an appointment to see the Head teacher.


Solent NHS Trust  School Nurses Team Website

A School Health Nurse appointment can be arranged with parents who are either referred to their service or who have health related concerns issues for their child. A triage form will need to be completed in advance so that the nurse can assess and be able to advise. Forms can be requested from the school office.


Useful websites

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